Of Universal Mind

An Ancient Path to new Beliefs  


Over the years as my religious ideologies have waned my faith has grown. No longer do I feel that I need a doctrine from fundamentalists to seek out a God, markedly their God, to claim a set of beliefs or worldviews that constitute membership for the purpose of prayer and scripture. My mind and my beliefs have move beyond the limiting views of such structure that in order to understand the meaning of life or origins of the universe that one must adhere to a set of standards to demonstrate a belief of knowing of the existence of a God or a Creator. Rather than restricting my beliefs and values construed by man, I prefer to go straight to the source of ultimate being. Now realizing how the Laws of the Universe truly operate I feel that I am able to manifest divine and heavenly faith and beliefs that will allow me to transcend earthly limitlessness simply by being Of Universal Mind.


I seek, I trust, I know that with the right mindset in accordance with universal law and one that is filled with gratitude, will allow me, and all of mankind, to tap into the richness that our Creator is willing to bestow upon each of us.


So what makes up the laws of the Universe and how does this work? Although scientifically much of this is beyond my level of expertise and expression, I do believe that from understanding Isaac Newton’s three Laws of Motion and quantum physics to be Of Universal Mind and to live a life of intended bliss and purpose one must live with a knowing that what comes around-goes around; that in order to achieve this state of being one must take purposeful action; and finally that in order to maintain a continual state of desired purpose and happiness we must constantly be evolving toward our higher self.


As society evolves beyond 2012 many of us will feel a need to fast track a deeper level of spirit in order to transcend the mundane reality of day to day existence. The use of astrology will play its part in assisting those who seek a greater awareness toward new beliefs as it expresses the language of universal intelligence.


In astrology the outer three planets – Uranus, Neptune and (yes) Pluto, play an important part in the evolution and consciousness of mankind. As of now (late 2011) and through the next seven years with Uranus in Aries our consciousness is asking us to stand up for and be our own unique self, fight for our right for freedom and to be counted because we matter. Right now many of us feel that we are on this journey through physical existence all alone – metaphorically it’s like fight or be killed.  As Neptunes moves in Pisces on February 3, 2012 while making its home there until 2025 a flowing emergence of our ever changing spiritual ideologies and beliefs will slowly and deliberately evolve carrying human nature toward a path of all knowing that we truly are all One, and that we are connected to Divine Spirit. This path toward Oneness may take several years to truly realize as many of us are being asked to confront our demons while loathing in self-pity as we seek further isolation from reality while creating our own self-imposed limitations. The Universe is not asking us to hide behind our weaknesses, but to emerge toward the One in order to transcend all that holds us back. As we move toward the depths of Pluto in Capricorn as he continues a 16 year journey (ending in 2024) his intensity is forcing us to gain subconscious control while society is being restructured so that each of us may rebuild our lives while teaching us that we will all profit by sharing in another’s values and trusting that sustenance. Right now it feels as though it’s the big guys (government and corporations) versus the little guys (society). Pluto wants to support us and in exchange allow us the opportunity to transform our world. He wants to remove the rubbish that we have matured beyond as we take a deeper look at self in order to bestow upon us great feelings of achievement, deeper fulfillment and sporting a sense of personal and collective excellence.


Learn to tap into the energies of the Universe to live life on purpose as we explore what it is like to be Of Universal Mind.


Keep updated with the latest astrology news on my blog.


Offering peacefulness,

Linda Furiate

Astrology is the language that conveys the poetry of God  

Client Testimonial:
I enjoyed the reading Linda provided.  It gave me insights into my plans for the new year.  It was fun, serious and right on track.  I highly recommend using her services to help plan out the timing for special dates such as the launch date of a new product or service or the best date/time to get married.  Highly recommend!  

Sandy Bearden
Weddings by Sandy

Client Testimonial:

I have been a long-time advocate of Linda’s astrology readings. Linda is not only an accurate reader, but very intuitive as well and therefore it’s like getting two for the price of one. At the end of 2013 she advised that working in the non- profit arena would be good for me. I thought there was little chance of that since I was not experienced in the leading and managing of a non-profit. In April 2014 I was hired as the interim CEO of a non- profit chemical dependency center in West Texas and I am currently under consideration for a long term interim CEO assignment from a large Maryland non- profit. Linda is simply said - “the best.”

Allen D. Hatton, Principal
Hatton Group, LLC

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